• Support for those new to open water swimming

  • Keeps swimmers visible in open water

  • High visibility - orange

  • Lightweight - little to no drag

  • One way valve

  • Size deflated - 76cm x 14cm

  • Belt Length* - 52cm to 96cm / 20” to 38”

 *extension belts available




Tow Woggle

SKU: WG2018
  • The Tow Woggle has been designed for those new to swimming in any environment. The woggle acts as a traditional swimming noodle and can be easily deflated for efficient storage. As water confidence increases the woggle can be towed behind the swimming on a short leash attached to a waist belt.

    Please note the length of the belt is slightly smaller than other Swim Secure products. Extender belts can be purchased here.

    Use the back of the valve cap to deflate.