Our Products: All our Swim Secure products are designed with quality and safety in mind. They are made with high quality materials which makes them last for years to come. They help increase your visibility to other swimmers, boats, from ashore etc. whilst providing a way to keep your belongings with you at all times weather on land or in the water, reducing the risk of theft on beaches and resorts. 

Tow Floats: 

The Tow Float & Tow Float Pro are ideal for visibility, while the Tow Donut & Hydration Float also allow you to take your essential items with you when you swim. A Tow Float will also easily take an adults weight if you need to stop for a rest.





















































pink tow float.jpg
tow donut sealed.jpg
hydration float.jpg

Tow Float


Tow Float 


Tow Float 


Tow Donut



Window Dry Bag.jpg
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Dry Bag

Dry Bag with Window

Wild Swim Bag Contents.jpg

Wild Swim Bag

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orange bag close up.jpg

Orange Bum Bag


Bum Bag

Phone Bag

Tow Woggle

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swim hat orange.jpg
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swim hat pink.jpg

Dry Bags: 

The Dry Bags have two inflatable chambers and a fold down seal at the top keeping your belongings  safe and dry. The bag floats behind while you swim. Our Dry Bags are available in four sizes from the smaller 20 litre bags up to the extra large 50 litre bags.

Wild Swim Bags: 

The Wild Swim Bag doubles as a strong backpack, allowing you to keep your belongings safe and dry over any terrain.

Bum Bags & Phone Bags: 

Our water proof bum bags and phone bags are designed to keep your belongings safe whilst you enjoy your swim. They come with a triple seal and are great for keeping essential belongings dry whilst in the water. For added peace of mind, the bum bags & phone bags can be used to hold your phones & keys inside other swim secure bags. The Bum Bags come in a selection of Orange or Black

Tow Woggle: 

The Tow Woggle keeps swimmers safe and visible in water, whether that be the pool or the ocean. The bright orange colour means kids are easy to spot on the beach and in the sea.The Woggle is attached using a waist belt and leash ensuring it doesn’t blow or drift away. It is intended for competent swimmers who are able to support themselves in the water and is not designed to be used as a buoyancy device.

Bubble Swim Hats:

The Bubble swim hats come in a selection of 4 colours, yellow, green, pink & orange. Their texture enables them to retain more heat in cooler water conditions. They are made to last using durable material.  

Safety Whistle: 

The safety whistle can be easily clipped to any of the swim secure bags and can be used to draw attention to others wether it is to alert them you are in the water or to call for help. 

WH001 PIC1.jpg

Safety Whistle

Mesh Kit Bag: 

A high quality, large mesh drawstring bag. Perfect kit bag for the pool!

 Perfect kit bag for the pool or the back of the car. Easy to spot everything, and fits a wet suit or changing robe.

Dimensions: Width: 48cm, Height: 65cm

kit bag empty stretched.jpeg

Mesh Kit Bag

Waist Belt And Leash


  • Spare waist belt and leash

  • Can be used to extend length of original waist belt if required


This is a spare waist belt and leash in orange woven nylon with a black clip.

Two waist belts can be clipped together to create a larger waist belt if required.

new photo.jpg

Waist Belt & Leash

The Swim Secure marker buoy is a high visibility durable cylinder buoy suitable for marking open water swimming courses.
The buoy is made from heavy duty PVC in Swim Secure's signature orange colour. Inflated dimensions - height: 180cm, diameter: 110cm
The buoy can easily be inflated by either of the top and bottom heavy duty screw valves. The double valve system allows for quick deflation. The base of the buoy features strong handles with straps attached to secure the buoy to the anchor rope. A small separate buoy floats near the base of the marker buoy to enable quick access to the base and anchor rope attachments.
The Swim Secure logo is printed on two sides of the buoy. Inflation pump, anchor rope and anchor are not included.

Marker Buoy pic 1.jpg

Marker Buoy